How Do The Game Of Thrones Avengers Compare To The Real Avengers?

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On the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow assembled his Avengers. (Or at least everyone on the internet made the same pop culture joke.)

It was the first time we’ve seen so many of our Thrones faves unite for the same cause. No matter how ill-advised the plan may be—Jon has never grasped the concept of “common sense”—the King in the North, along with Tormund Giantsbane, Jorah Mormont, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, Sandor Clegane, and Gendry, stepped out beyond the Wall at the end of the episode, ready to rumble with the Night’s King and his horde of wights. (Ser Davos is there in spirit.)

Sounds pretty dumb, right? Yeah, well, it is, but just because the odds are stacked against them doesn’t mean Jon won’t find a way to actually kidnap a wight and drag its undead ass south to King’s Landing.

Call them whatever you want—The Magnificent Seven, S(now) Club 7, and Snowcean’s Seven are just a few of my personal favorites—but these are the Avengers of Westeros, and they are ready to kick some White Walker butt. (And, like the Avengers themselves, they’re all woefully unprepared for the fight ahead.) But how do they compare to the real Avengers? Let’s take a look.

Jon Snow is Captain America

Jon Snow and Steve Rogers are so similar they’re practically the same character. Both are natural do-gooders who just want to do the right thing. (And when family is involved, they often make stupid decisions.) They’re leaders first and foremost, men who are a symbol of hope for the disenfranchised masses. That being said, they’ve also both struggled with being put on such a high moral pedestal. Oh, and they’ve both died.


Tormund Giantsbane is Thor

They’re both outsiders with glorious manes. Being a god from Asgard, Thor isn’t accustomed to Earth, similar to how Tormund, a wilding, isn’t familiar with customs south of the Wall. So they both lack a bit of tact and nuance. Their only major difference is that Thor is an immortal god, and Tormund can be torn apart by wights at any given moment. Of course, he’s escaped certain death a few times now, so maybe he isimmortal. Sadly, Tormund doesn’t own Gendry’s warhammer, but he absolutely knows how to use one—and will probably steal it from Gendry’s corpse.


Gendry is Hawkeye

Listen, I don’t subscribe to the “Hawkeye Is Useless School of Critical Thinking.” Sure, he’s not the most valuable player out on the field, but at least he knows it. He just wants to be included. (He gets FOMO if he says away from the fight for too long.) The same can be said for Gendry. Homeboy is READY TO GO. He’s got his warhammer, and he’s ready to go to war for #TeamCap #TeamJon.


Jorah Mormont is Hulk

Jorah and Bruce are just two sad men who have been exiled from society. But when their team needs them, they come in clutch on the battlefield. That, and neither are very good at expressing their emotions, especially to women. Jorah was unceremoniously friendzoned by Daenerys, while Bruce was so afraid to move forward with Natasha that he literally shot himself into space.


Sandor Clegane is Black Widow

Hear me out. Sandor and Natasha were bred to be killing machines. They both survived traumatic childhoods and turned themselves into living weapons—her, a super-spy, and him, a skilled warrior. And after years of using their skills for the highest bidder and having zero regard for what’s right or wrong, they now want to try and do some good in this crazy world. They’ve overcome their fatalistic views to become more reflective of their actions, which is why they’re both working with the Good Guys now.


Ser Davos is Iron Man

OK. I admit this is a bit of a stretch, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked Davos’s designation as the wise-cracking, snarky uncle in the group. Sure, Davos isn’t a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist—and he’s no fighter—but he’s routinely the MVP of every episode of Game of Thrones, thanks to his astute observations and sharp witticisms. It’s not like Tony Stark is the best fighter in the Avengers either; he’s just rich enough (and smart enough) to build himself a fancy suit of armor. When push comes to shove, Davos will throw down… he’d just prefer not to. It’s not like Iron Man would willingly rush into battle against an army of undead either. There’s a reason he’s lived to be the oldest Avenger on the team.


Thoros of Myr is Scarlet Witch

Thoros is a red priest of the Lord of Light. Scarlet Witch has the ability to manipulate chaos magic. So not only do they both have ties to the magical realm, but they also are passionate about what they believe in, from Wanda’s decision to fight with Ultron to Thoros’s belief that he and Beric were brought to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea for a reason. They’ve both made mistakes, and they’ve had to live with those mistakes, but at the end of the day, they fight for what they believe in—and they fight like hell, too.


Beric Dondarrion is Vision

Like Vision, Beric Dondarrion is a synthetic being encased in human flesh. Having been revived by Thoros of Myr six times now, Beric is practically a walking wight, or as author George R.R. Martin once described, a “wight animated by fire.” According to GRRM, every time Thoros of Myr summons the Lord of Light to revive Beric, he wakes up a little less himself. Vision, having been created by Ultron from Tony Stark’s A.I., has never been human. As a synthezoid, he can be destroyed, but like Beric, he can also be repaired and brought back to life.