Game Of Thrones Teases A Second Look At Season 6

Game of Thrones returns to HBO April 24, but before the blood starts spilling, fans are getting another tease of what’s to come in season six.

Once again, we’re reminded Jon Snow’s dead—chances are the premiere will be heavy with visuals and dialogue supporting that fact. It’s time to focus on the living, and that includes a stripped-down Daenerys, a dishevelled Loras Tyrell, a drunken Tyrion, and a pissed off Sansa.

Dany’s under the possession of the ruthless Dothraki, while Loras Tyrell lay rotting in the dungeons of the High Sparrow with his sister Margaery. The future of these surviving highborn children isn’t looking too bright, but there is still noble blood left to root for.

If revenge is what Sansa wants, then it’s about time she goes after it. Previously-released images show the Stark girl in rags and on the run with Theon Greyjoy, but the latest trailer has her back in her Northern furs with what looks like an army surrounding her. If she’s successful in her mission, maybe she can join first husband Tyrion for a drink in Meereen, since apparently that’s all it takes to rule the Pyramid city.