12 Hilarious Reactions Proving The World Wasn’t Ready For Pokémon Go

The new game Pokémon Go recently launched for Android and iOS, and everyone’s (but us poor Canadians) inner child is bursting with joy like they’ve found a holographic Charizard card. The game combines the real world with your phone’s virtual world and makes video gamers get out of the house in order to find new Pokémon and battle at gyms.

Naturally, fans have taken to the interwebs to create memes, videos, and the like, which is pretty impressive since Pokémon Go is quickly taking over everyone’s social life as they know it.

1. People Are Walking More Than Normal Now

2. Whether They Want to or Not

3. Time Is Merely an Illusion

4. And Invisible Gyms Are Now Real

5. Creativity Is at an All-Time High

6. But Then Again, so Is Reckless Driving

7. Exploring Places at Night Is Now Only Midly Frightening

8. Well, Sometimes

9. Partying Is at a Peak High

10. And Getting out of Doing Things Has Never Been Easier

11. Priorities Are Being Re-Sorted

12. The Law Is Being Questioned