Freddy Krueger Almost Got His Claws On The Goonies

Like most of the iconic ’80s horror franchises (Halloween, Friday the 13th), A Nightmare on Elm St. kept going long after it ran out of gas. Still, fans allowed themselves a small measure of optimism when word got out that a remake was in the works seven or eight years ago. Dormant since 2003, Robert Englund‘s Freddy Krueger was long overdue for a big screen return—but then the dunces at Platinum Dunes went and replaced him with Jackie Earle Haley. That was just one of countless remake mistakes, but a new interview suggests they did flirt with some intriguing possibilities.

For one, Platinum Dunes briefly considered hiring Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, the talented duo behind 2007’s Inside. In a recent interview with Bloody Disgusting, they explained what they had in mind for the remake, including added emphasis on Krueger’s child molester past. “The idea was to have a twisted version of The Goonies with a bunch of kids being stalked,” they explained. “We thought it would have been great for a remake to switch the teenagers of the original with real kids. Beside childhood is the moment in life when you are truly and deeply frightened by nightmares, when you’re not able to see the difference between reality and dreams.”


Sadly, no actual franchise crossover was ever considered, but Freddy vs. The Goonies sounds like a perfectly credible movie idea to us. If they can handle Mama Fratelli, who can’t they handle?


For a quick reminder of where Freddy started and ended (so far anyway), watch the trailers for the 1984 original and the 2010 remake below. You’ll also find The Goonies trailer down there somewhere.