The X-Files’ Mulder And Scully Might Just Be Coming Back (Again!)

Good news ahead for hardcore The X-Files fans who just can’t get enough of Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. According to Fox’s entertainment president David Madden, our favourite alien-smiting duo—made up of actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson—are in talks to return to TV with another short season, following the success of the X-Files reboot earlier this year.

“We would obviously love to do another season,” Madden said. “There are significant talks going on with all three of the principals. Schedules are hard but we’re working hard to get this done.”

It’s always a risk to reboot a classic show with such an intense following–The X-Files fans are emotionally invested in Mulder and Scully. There was a lot of ground to cover considering this reboot comes after 14 years off the air.


“I actually think that the season, the six episodes were strong,” Madden said. “We worked hard with [the show’s creator] Chris [Carter] on the previous season. The episodes represent Chris and his team’s vision. Everybody reads what they read. If we have the opportunity to do more episodes, we will take our cue from Chris and his team.”

Mulder himself took the rumours further when Duchovny sent a cryptic tweet to his co-star telling her to, “polish up the ol’ badge.”

We want to believe…that another reboot is in the works. Bringing back The X-Files as a modern day reboot holds a lot of promise, and as far as we’re concerned, the more Scully and Mulder, the better!