The Found Footage 3-D Trailer Is Here To Laugh At Your Dumb Clichés

The horror genre has a lot of silly tropes and dumb clichés that can get really old after a while, even for hardcore fans. Jump-scares, found footage, losing cell reception at the worst possible moment…it’s all pretty much tradition at this point. You expect it, you know it as soon as you see it, and it’s usually pretty boring.

Enter Found Footage 3, produced by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Kim Henkel. What starts off as a fun looking mockumentary style film takes a pretty hilarious twist right off the bat. We’re following a ragtag little crew of newbie filmmakers who’ve had the brilliant idea to shoot the first ever 3-D found footage horror movie. But why? How does that make sense? The question is asked and it’s immediately ignored.

The trailer gives us a glimpse into the (clearly frustrated) filmmakers trying to figure out some pretty typical horror-movie clichés (Why doesn’t she put the camera down and run the hell away?) But this is when stuff starts to get real. Turns out, the crew decided to shoot their movie in an actual legitimately haunted cabin in the woods. Very meta.

They know all the typical horror movie rules and tricks. They’re intimately familiar with how all this stuff is supposed to work. Will it help them? We can’t wait to find out.