The Real Star Of Finding Dory Is Gerald The Sea Lion, According To The Internet

Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory introduced fans to a tonne of new aquatic characters, from Hank the octopus to Bailey the Beluga whale. The internet has already picked its favourite: Gerald the sea lion, who’s bullied by the other, so-called “cooler” sea lions.


This GIF is basically the marine version of Mean Girls’s “you can’t sit with us” quote. All Gerald wants to do is sunbathe on the rock with his peers, yet he’s barked back into the water every time he tries.

Since Finding Dory premiered earlier this month, the internet has rallied around Gerald’s dream.

Of course, this led to a plethora of memes, many posted by the Twitter parody account @offrockgerald.

Another unlikely Finding Dory character rose to internet fame alongside Gerald: Becky the loon. (When I say “loon,” I’m referring to a type of bird—not a foolish person.)

Which naturally led to this:

God bless you, Internet. ????????