Final Fantasy VII Is Finally Getting A Remake


Photo Credit: SquareEnix

There ain’t no getting off of this train we’re on: Final Fantasy VII is finally getting the remake fans have wanted for years, and I am officially losing my mind with excitement.

Few games mean more to me than FFVII, the Square (now Square-Enix) RPG first released on PlayStation in 1997, starring a stoic and delusional mercenary with spiky hair and an impossibly-sized sword on a mission to stop an even crazier maniac with silver hair and an equally ridiculously-sized sword from destroying the world.


For a generation of video gamers, FFVII was a formative experience, a transformative leap within the Final Fantasy series itself. Past games featured expansive casts of characters, complicated plots, and world-ending stakes. But there was something unprecedentedly massive about the seventh round, from its updated graphics, its three-disc-spanning saga, its themes of self-worth and overcoming identity crises… the list goes on. For so many players, young and old alike, FFVII was an enormously personal experience, one that few games before or since came close to replicating.

Now, the game itself is being replicated. At E3, it was announced that Square will finally remake Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation 4. The announcement comes only a few years shy of the game’s 20th anniversary, and about a decade after first teasing the possibility of an overhaul through an infamous PlayStation 3 tech demo that got fans’ hopes as high up in the sky as Meteor itself.


The announcement trailer is recognizably Final Fantasy VII, albeit with a modern-day makeover. Footage brings us back to the dirty streets of Midgar, the story’s central city, with evil corporation Shinra and its soldiers still populating the streets, every day civilians still zipping around on their mundane morning commutes, parents playing with their children in the Sector 5 playground just outside the gates of ill-fated Sector 7.

Narration tells us that the promise of a “reunion” will finally be fulfilled, an occasion loaded with joy and fear in equal measure — but whatever fears exist are quickly omni-slashed away as Cloud and his boss Barrett Wallace walk through the Sector 7 slums toward Seventh Heaven, Tifa Lockhart’s bar-by-day and Shinra-battling resistance HQ by night, with Nobuo Uematsu’s familiar score humming in the background.

On the screen, a single word appears: “REMAKE.” It’s officially happening.

The past few paragraphs may as well have been written in Cetra for non-FFVII fans, but for a certain loyal legion of gamers, it means the world. Now, a new generation of gamers will get to discover the story that’s lived in my heart for nearly two decades. I would always encourage anyone to go back and revisit the original game, but if you want to wait for the remake, here’s a small slice of what you can look forward to:



He is evil. He is also bae. Prepare accordingly.

Vincent Valentine


He is optional. He is also bae. Prepare accordingly.

Life and Death


Just as Game of Thrones constantly reminds its audience that no one is ever truly safe, Final Fantasy VII taught the same lesson to gamers in 1997, upending happy endings and dishing out horror instead. As much as there is to rejoice and celebrate in FFVII, there’s much to mourn and lament. The game’s most shocking moments remain as poignant as ever, and one can only imagine some of those twists and turns with modern gaming graphics.

The Music of Angels

One-winged angels, specifically. Nobuo Uematsu’s work on the whole Final Fantasy series is the stuff of eternal ear-worming, and the score for “VII” is especially epic. Once you hear the main theme/world map music in context, there’s no turning it off.

Aeris and Tifa


Both are bae, but you must choose. One or the other. There is no middle ground. This is important.

The Golden Chocobo


Get ready to spend the rest of your life breeding this sucker. Seriously, it takes forever, but it’s so worth it.


You have everything to look forward to. I envy everyone who gets to experience “Final Fantasy VII” for the very first time, and right now, I’m in that exact category, with the remake officially on the horizon.
There’s no official release date yet, but even still, I am all aboard the hype train, and you should be, too. There’s no getting off till we get to the end of the line.