What Your Favourite Power Ranger Says About You

Ever since the new Power Rangers trailer came out, we’ve been feeling nostalgic. If you’re a true ’90s kid, you’ll remember watching Power Rangers daily and dressing up as your favourite one for Halloween. As the movie plans to provide more backstory on each character, we can’t help but wonder what our preferred Ranger says about our personality. Based on our knowledge of the old series (and a pair of wacky movies), we’ll do our best.

It’s morphin’ time to find out what your favourite character says about your inner badass:



Red Ranger

You make good decisions. As a natural born leader, you’re protective over friends and family. While you keep the group together, you definitely have a competitive side.




Pink Ranger

You’re confident. Like everyone’s favourite character, you brighten up everyone’s day IRL. You kick ass and love to be flirtatious, yet sarcastic. Sometimes you may come off too strong and appear as slightly judgemental, but you can’t help to speak the truth.




Blue Ranger

You’ve got the brains. Like an innovative genius, you’re always aware of what could happen next. Your intelligence can outsmart Zordon any day. Your insecurities can sometimes prevent you from speaking your mind, but you’re never too shy or reserved around your squad.




Black Ranger

You’re the life of the party. Oozing cool vibes, you love a good tune and (break)dancing to any beat. You never run out of energy and can get away with a coy smile and a smooth one-liner.




Yellow Ranger

You’re a multi-tasker. In your bag of skills, you’ve got it all. As the peacekeeper of the crew, you’re the friend that everyone goes to for advice.


Power Rangers is playing everywhere in theatres this Friday. Check out the latest TV spot below: