Fantastic Beasts Deleted Scene Features Ilvermorny School Song

While Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them offered a new and different look into the wizarding customs of American magic, the film didn’t offer too many details on one of the most intriguing aspects of American magic—until now.

Ilvermorny School is the American version of Hogwarts and was just a name drop in Fantastic Beasts, but in this just released deleted scene, fans are given a small glimpse into the American world of magic as some of the characters sing the Ilvermorny School song.

The clip picks up right after Queenie uses her Legilimency (a fancy magic term for mind reading) on Newt and learns about his past relationship with Leta Lestrange. Next walks in Tina and the two cover by saying they were talking about school. Of course, this peaks muggle Jacob’s interest and he asks if there’s a wizarding school in America. Tina and Queenie are both graduates of Ilvermorny, while Newt is from Hogwarts. This sparks a small rivalry in the film that essentially ends as soon as it begins. But the deleted scene takes things a step further and reveals that Tina and Queenie showed off their school spirit by singing the Ilvermorny school song.

It’s a cute, catchy tune, but it doesn’t really add much or reveal anything new about the characters or the film. Thus, it makes sense why it was cut. Nevertheless, the clip does provide a nice sense of world-building in the Harry Potter realm. Plus, you know hardcore fans are going to learn that song word for word.

With regards to the song itself, it doesn’t give away too many hints or secrets, but it does briefly address the origins of Ilvermorny with the mentioning of one of its founders, Isolt “Morrigan” Sayre. Long story short, Morrigan fled to America from Ireland, married a muggle, adopted some wizard kids and together they formed what would one day be America’s most prominent school for witches and wizards.

Hopefully there will be more extra content from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them when the film hits homes March 28.