See Why Fantastic Beasts Owes Its Magic To An Incredible VFX Team


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them snagged an Oscar for it’s incredible costumes and was recognized with another nomination for the movie’s production design but when you see the reel that’s just been released by Beasts’ VFX company,

Double Negative, you’ll wonder why the movie didn’t get a nod in the visual effects category. Known for their Oscar-winning work on films like Inception, Interstellar, and Ex Machina, DNEG was responsible for the virtual building of an entire city (New York in the jazz age), creating a zoo full of never-before-seen creatures capable of all kinds of magical tricks, and dreaming up a way to bring the Obscurus to the screen—the dark and destructive force that resides inside a tortured magical child (until the child, or Obscurial, can no longer contain its terrifying power).


DNEG ripped up entire city blocks of cobblestone streets, created the prehistoric-sized Thunderbird, made Model T’s fly, and magic come out of the wands of wizards and magizoologists—all through the art of CGI. Their most impressive feat, however, was the Obscurus, that ball of smoke and fire and fury with only a hint of form and (occasionally) a face.

Watch as DNEG peels back the layers of their work to reveal what the footage looked like before and after they worked their computer magic: