Fan Expo 2019: Steven Seagal Likes To Relax By Shooting Pistols And Listening To The Blues


Steven Seagal, Russia’s Humanitarian Representative to the United States (in real life, not in some kind of absurdist movie made by an Eastern European auteur), was another genre star to take to the stage during Toronto’s 2019 Fan Expo weekend. He spoke quietly and wore a big blue changshan as a symbol of his devotion to Chinese martial arts.

Seagal, a man who counts Vladimir Putin among his close friends, spoke many times about the way that the morals and ethics he learned through his martial arts practice have guided his life. For example, his environmentalism. Seagal isn’t afraid to point out that he made On Deadly Ground with Michael Caine a full 20 years before Al Gore won an Academy Award and a Nobel Prize for making “the exact same movie.” That would be An Inconvenient Truth (try to keep up).

Other things that Steven Seagal is ticked off about include Quentin Tarantino’s portrayal of Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, the attitude and lack of ethics and morals of the team behind the Expendables movies, and people parodying him in the media (“Revolting, says Seagal, “disgusting”). On a more positive note, Seagal told the crowd that he enjoys that one Out for Justice fight scene when he got to use a chewball, shooting with pistols, the music of BB King, and Saved by the Bell’s Mario Lopez (another Fan Expo guest). Please refer any questions about Steven Seagal that Steven Seagal does not know the answer to to Steven Seagal’s wife. She will know.