Fan Expo 2019: Brendan Fraser Would Totally Do A Mummy Reboot


Doom Patrol’s formidable brain in a tin can, Brendan Fraser, showed his human, flesh-and-bone face in Toronto on Saturday, in town for the 2019 edition of Fan Expo. Fighting our way through a multitude of caped crusaders and throngs of Pokémon, we were there to hear every word the Mummy star had to say about his past and future projects. Here’s what we found out:

Fraser is down for a return to the Mummy franchise

“I know how hard it is to make that movie—I tried to do it three times,” he quipped after a fan asked if he’d be willing to sign on for another sequel. But, explained Fraser, the essential ingredient in the Mummy movies is “fun.” If a fun reboot opportunity came along, he’d be 100% there for it.

He can reenact scenes from all his biggest movies on demand

Fraser had fans cheering as he did his George of the Jungle bellow, acted out some iconic scenes from the first Mummy movie, and revealed that he was indeed both the Tazmanian Devil and Ms. Taz in 2003’s Looney Tunes: Back in Action. And if you’re at all wondering, yes, he did prove it with a spot-on impression.

Doom Patrol will be back for a second season

When asked about his favourite person to work with on the Doom Patrol set, Fraser couldn’t choose one, professing his love for the entire cast of characters, including “each one of Diane Guerrero’s 64 personalities.” No wonder he’s psyched to go back for round two.

He once got to play Chewbacca to Harrison Ford’s Han Solo

Fraser recalled a story about working with Ford on Extraordinary Measures. “He took me for a ride in one of his planes. He called and said ‘Meet me at the airport,’” says Fraser. “We get in the air and he’s like, ‘Take the wheel.’ And I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, I’m Chewbacca?’ I didn’t actually say that to him because I wanted to be cool.” As for Ford’s flight advice, Fraser says it amounted to ‘Watch out for wires and stuff. If we crash, it’s your fault.’