Fan Expo 2018: Earp Hair Care Secrets (And More) From The Wynonna Earp Panel

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Earpers saddled up and made their way to Toronto this weekend to see the stars of the delightfully demonic horror/western Wynonna Earp take the stage at Fan Expo. Were we there? You know it.

Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Tim Rozon and Varun Saranga (that’s Wynonna, Waverly, Doc, and Jeremy in case you’ve slept on this) sat down for a Q&A session in front of a roomful of fans to analyze everything that’s been going down in Purgatory this season. There was a lot to talk about. Including: feeeeeeeleings! Here’s what we found out:


Doc is a vampire and Tim Rozon is here for it


You want to know the truth about what Tim Rozon thought of his character’s latest undead development? He’ll tell you. “The first day that I arrived in Calgary somebody there told me, so I actually heard it before we started filming. I will not name names, but at that dinner we went to that first night, someone goes ‘I’m excited for you to be a vampire!’ and I was like, ‘What?!’ So I heard and was gonna pretend I didn’t hear that but then when I saw the first script, I was like, ‘Shit… awesome?’ He’s too weak as a man to just be a man, so he made that choice.”


Melanie Scrofano and Varun Saranga have their own thoughts on the subject


“Doc had this pass, this agelessness—he didn’t have to worry about anything,” said Scrofano. “I think Doc is an idiot, but I mean, if you want to play that game, I GUESS you could conceivably understand why he’d want that [immortality] back.”

“Eventually your heroes turn into villains,” joked Saranga. BURN!


Jolene scared the hell out of Dominique Provost-Chalkley


“It was so cold in the greenhouse and I was so nervous about that scene. It was one of the first scenes Zoie [Palmer, who played Jolene] and I had filmed and with a new person, you’re always getting to know them on set and she’s very wonderful but she kept herself to herself the entire time. She waited outside the room until action was called and she came in and gave it 120%. It was hard to film and a lot of the crew found it quite difficult to watch—it was an intense atmosphere.”


Melanie Scrofano explained WTF is up with Charlie and Wynonna’s cheatin’ heart


“If you look at him, he just looks super… and dumb. Wynonna just wants someone easy and uncomplicated. He’s eager. She’s definitely blowing off some steam but also he gives her that slice of normal that she’s craving because somebody else is a vampire.” Cough cough. Pretty sure that was a shot at you, Doc.


Rozon and Scrofano swooned over that Jann Arden cameo


“We’re so lucky that everybody comes and they’re so ready to play. Jann Arden, I mean, we made her the most horrible person in the world,” said Rozon.

“I loooooove Jann Arden,” added Scrofano. “As a person I think she’s so cool and fun and has a great energy.” So: the complete opposite of Bunny Loblaw? Yes.


Scorfano saved the best Earp insider info for last


When asked by a young fan how Wynonna keeps her hair “so pretty” during her hard-drinking nights and demon-fighting days, Scrofano dished: “We have a lady, her name is Jody Thompson, and she is a real life cowgirl. She did a little movie called The Revenant for which she was nominated for an Oscar. She works very hard running after me.”