Fan Expo 2018: The Cast Of Star Trek: Discovery Are Just Like Us

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There are a lot of things to get excited about this weekend in Toronto as Fan Expo takes over the city, but one of the biggest events was the Star Trek: Discovery panel featuring cast members Sonequa Martin-Green, Anson Mount, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, and Shazad Latif. We was there (along with a packed auditorium of Trekkies) to learn everything we could about the show and its cast. One thing stood out to us: this squad of super-famous interstellar travellers are a lot like us. Here’s how:

They Google theories about the trajectory of the show


Anthony Rapp just can’t help himself. Asked if the cast tries to find their characters’ fates online, he admitted that yes, they fall prey to the lure of Google. “At our own peril, sometimes we do. We know more than [fans] do, of course, but what I like to see is what the theories are. Like last year when the trailer dropped, people took every frame of that trailer and extrapolated the whole season and there were some things that were pretty close. And there were some things that were WAY off. But the level of dedication and attention to detail is incredible—and it’s inspiring.”

They have the best time at cons


The cast’s first con experience was at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention—and they loved it. “This whole community, this whole family… it’s just that,” said Sonequa Martin-Green, “It’s so communal, and I think what’s surprising to me was that how much love and respect and warmth there was. We all looked at each other when it was done and we all had broken hearts—but in the best way.”

Like with any new job, the cast don’t always know what they’re signing up for


Doug Jones knew he’d be playing Kelpian Saru in the new series, but the role still came with a few surprises: “What surprised me was the footwear—my hoof feet. It changed my posture, moving my hips forward and giving me a supermodel stance. My first time putting those boots on I was surprised to find the posture I’d walk in—it was instant, like, ‘Ok-aaaaay, this is how he walks.’”

They love their characters as much as we do


Why do fans adore Tilly so much? Mary Wiseman doesn’t know, but she knows why she loves her: “Her enthusiasm is unbridled. She doesn’t try to be cool. It’ very easy to be a superhero character or some character in space and be cool and confident but I don’t think that’s how you would really interact with it—it’s harder than that. It’s a cliche but bravery is not the absence of fear but action in spite of fear. That’s what Tilly’s all about. She brings her whole self to everything, despite what she’s feeling. And she feels a lot of feelings.”

They’re lifelong fans, too


Anson Mount, the newest and oldest Captain of the USS Enterprise, said that his upcoming role as Capt. Christopher Pike is a childhood fantasy come to life: “The original Star Trek went into syndication on my local channel around the time I was eight. So I’ve seen every episode of the original probably three times. It was our make believe game when I was a kid. Our parents’ fireplace was the bridge and we’d argue over who got to be Kirk or Spock. So this is literally a dream come true.”