Fan Expo 2018: The Killjoys Cast Share Their Favourite Season 4 Moments


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Don’t call them the B Team. Killjoys’ squad of supporting characters are a crucial ingredient in the show’s patented recipe for awesome sauce and their appearance at this week’s Fan Expo in Toronto made waves with sci-fi fans.

Thom Allison (Pree), Kelly McCormack (Zeph), Sean Baek (Fancy Lee), Atticus Mitchell (Pippin), Rob Stewart (Khlyen), Gavin Fox (Gared) and Patrick Garrow (Turin) joined new showrunner Adam Barken and series creator Michelle Lovretta to talk about all the action we’ve seen so far in Season 4 (currently, we’re a mere three episodes away from the finale). Check out the highlights:


Gavin Fox is thrilled to get to be the good guy for once


“In the audition for Gared for that episode I get stabbed in the eye. They changed it so I get stabbed in the hand. I die a lot—in my job I’m always the bad guy. So for this to start out like that and change into something more unique and amazing is a blessing. I get to do stuff that I could never get to do.” You know, like, kiss Thom Allison. (Insert hot hot fire emoji here!)


Kelly McCormack loves that the show gets relationships right


“The relationships are so nuanced and so true to life and so something I relate to and that you guys can relate to as well. Just because we’re in the future and in space and it’s sci fi, doesn’t mean we can’t have these really rich, textured relationships. As a woman it’s [often] like, ‘You’re in love with him and that’s it! It’s as simple as that!’ And it’s never as simple as that… Zeph’s got shit to do!”


Don’t ever complain to Atticus Mitchell about what you have to wear to work


“It was… very painful.” Mitchell says of a certain Season Four lewk. “It was one of the worst things I’ve ever had to do purely because that suit that I’m wearing—shooting in a studio where it can be a little bit hot sometimes—half of it was made of plastic and that doesn’t feel good on the skin so the alternative was ‘Hey, how about instead of just wearing that we’ll also give you a thermal undershirt?’ So I think I had to do a week and a half of kind of slowly dying on the inside.”


It’s hard to pick favourites, but Rob Stewart is up for the challenge


“Our favourite scenes are the ones we’re shooting and that’s a credit to the writing—the show’s gotten better and better as it goes on. Having said that, out of the ones that I can talk about, my favourite was when I got killed at the end of Season Two. I thought that was it and I thought it was the right narrative thing to do.” Of course, that wasn’t the end of Khlyen. “I kept hearing tell of this Lady, and I said to Michelle ‘I don’t know who you’re going to get to play this but she better be the best damn actress in Canada. And then Season 4 comes and guess who’s playing The Lady? So I walk around saying I’m the best damn actress in Canada. So that’s really my favourite scene so far.”


Thom Allison credits fans with shaping the Killjoys story


“The writers get what you guys are interested in and they respond to it and helps guide the story and we end up getting to go on this cool ride.”