6 Space-y Questions We Want Answered At This Year’s Fan Expo

Autograph-seekers and cosplayers of the GTA, unite! This coming long weekend, Fan Expo lands in Toronto and with it, the arrival of the stars of some of the best shows on TV. Space will host a trio of high profile panels with the stars of Star Trek: Discovery, Killjoys, and Wynonna Earp

So what does that mean for Fan Expo-goers? The opportunity to ask those burning questions about the future of the shows and characters we’re totally obsessed with. The pressure is on, but we’re ready. Here’s what we want to know as soon as the stars hit the Fan Expo stage:

Star Trek: Discovery


1. Where ARE we? At the season’s close we flipped out of the mirror universe and into a timeline where the Federation was not doing well in their war against the Klingons. Then Burnham showed up and won the war (without committing Klingon genocide). Now we’re on our way to meet a new Captain for the Discovery. Who is it? Where will they take the crew next? Tell us everything, Discovery panel.

2. Burnham and Ash: Are they really going to be able to stay away from each other? Because, c’mon. Nobody wants that! We’re ready for that Klingon/Federation peace summit, like, now.



1. Killjoys will come to an end after a fifth season. What is the cast and crew going to do to top the previous four seasons while wrapping up the storyline and giving each character the ending they deserve?

2. Things have gotten complicated since Aneela, Delle Sayeh, and D’avin had a kid. Does this make Dutch Jaq’s third mother or his stepmother or his aunt or his… all of the above, maybe? Genealogy is hard.

Wynonna Earp


1. We get it: it’s called the Ghost River Triangle, but does that mean that Wynonna is doomed to spend the best demon-hunting years of her life in a love triangle with Doc and a rotating third? After Dolls died, we thought Purgatory’s best-matched couple (sorry, WayHaught) were finally going to give their relationship a real go. Then Charlie showed up—and so did Doc’s wife. Is this a… love square? What’s Season 4 going to give us, a love octagon?

2. Bulshar is probably the most formidable foe Team Earp has faced this far. Also, he seems like a man with a strategy (to kill Earps and Earp-adjacents). We’re midway through the season and Wynonna and her crew haven’t made a dent in his evil facade… What’s the plan?


Check out our Fan Expo 2018 teaser below.