Fan Expo 2017: Tim Curry Reminisces About Clue And Rocky Horror

Fan Expo 2017

Tim Curry, legend of stage and screen, got the chance to speak directly to his countless fans during a Q&A session at Fan Expo on Friday. Moderated by voice actor Charlie Adler, the session touched on subjects ranging from video games to drinking on the set of the 1986 TV film The Worst Witch. “It was a very cold night,” Curry explained. “But Diana Rigg, who I worship…had a bottle of sloe gin under her habit, which made us very much warmer, but not very concentrated.”

Speaking of drinking, Curry also briefly discussed his performance as Woof in the London production of Hair, his very first theatre role. “They were sort of hiring hippies, and I qualified,” Curry joked. Apparently Curry was asked to perform in the Paris production as well, but ultimately wasn’t allowed to go because he was “too useful in London.” In other words, he ended up playing practically every part in the show at one point because some of the other actors would get drunk and just not show up to work.

Luckily Curry has had the opportunity to work with actors who are considerably more professional since then, including the cast of the 1985 comedy Clue.

Curry was extremely complimentary of all his Clue co-stars—particularly Eileen Brennan, who he referred to as “one of the funniest people in the world.” And though Curry’s part on Clue was “about as big as the Bible,” he and the rest of the cast were fortunately given an unusually long two weeks to rehearse because director Jonathan Lynn (with whom Curry actually attended high school) “had never directed a film before.”

Curry also talked about what it was like to work with Macaulay Culkin on the set of Home Alone 2, describing Culkin as a “very nice kid,” though he apparently watched cartoons in his room at the Plaza all night long and so “wasn’t always in the best shape.” Working with Tony Dakota (Georgie Denbrough) on the set of It was a bit of a different story. During the scene where Curry, as Pennywise, reaches out from inside a storm drain and grabs Georgie’s hand, Dakota had to stop the scene because Tim was scaring him too much. “I’m so sorry, but that’s what I’m supposed to be doing!” Curry quipped in response.

When asked about his thoughts on Bill Skarsgård taking over the role of Pennywise in this year’s feature film remake of It, Curry seemed to be open-minded, calling Skarsgård “very clever.” He does hope that the movie ends differently than the miniseries, though.

Curry revealed a major piece of information near the end of the session, explaining that he was originally supposed to play the Joker on Batman: The Animated Series before he contracted bronchitis and was consequently replaced by Mark Hamill.

What might be even more surprising, however, is the fact that Curry dubbed Annie, not The Rocky Horror Picture Show, “the best musical film I ever did.” Both movies are iconic, obviously, but can anything really top the majesty of Frank N. Furter strutting around in thigh-high fishnets?

Curry went on to talk about his countless other roles, including Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island (his favourite line from the movie unfortunately got cut), Darkness in Legend (Darkness’ makeup took over ten hours to apply) and Hexxus in FernGully: The Last Rainforest. But the actor ended the session as poignantly as you might imagine, by reminding the audience that “it’s dull and annoying to look on the dark side of life” and that looking on bright side should be the “personal responsibility of everyone.”

Don’t ever change, Tim.