Fan Expo 2017: The Star Trek: Discovery Cast Talk Phasers, Klingons, And Kelpien Struts

Star Trek Discovery

The crew of the Discovery, the Shenzhou, and one Klingon foe beamed down to Fan Expo in Toronto this weekend to share an exciting new trailer and answer fan questions about the latest Star Trek series, set to premiere on Space September 24.

Both the Discovery’s captain (Jason Isaacs) and First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) made appearances, joined by castmates Doug Jones, Mary Wiseman, Anthony Rapp, Kenneth Mitchell, and Shazad Latif, for an hour-long panel that revealed some new (strictly non-spoilery) information about the upcoming show.

Careful not to give too much away, the actors shared stories about their ultimate on-set experiences, character quirks, and hopes for how the new series will be received. Check out the highlights below:

Doug Jones gave us the lowdown on Kelpien culture, revealing some insider information on the all-new alien race—including a demo of the Kelpien Supermodel Strut (Kelpiens walk on hooved hind legs, FYI). “The boots really inform a lot of this. I have hooved feet, so I walk on the balls of my feet all day, in pain, for you,” he joked. “It kinda threw my balance off… like, my arms are already way back here so why don’t I move them sideways instead? So there was this supermodel thing happening. It’s kinda graceful,” he said, adding, “but come for me and I’ll kick your ass!”

Let that be a lesson to Kenneth Mitchell, who plays the newly introduced Klingon, Kol on Discovery. Mitchell claims that his character “eats Kelpiens for breakfast” (but what else would you expect a Klingon to say?).

Star Trek Discovery

Of course, the entire cast said that they were psyched to be part of the show, but certain moments on set stood out to each one of them. When asked about his most exciting experience, Anthony Rapp (Science Officer Lt. Stamets) said that it was “Holding a phaser and a communicator at the same time, and saying into the communicator ‘Energize’. I was in the scene with Sonequa and in between takes I was literally like, oh, whoa.”

For Jason Isaacs (Captain Gabriel Lorca), it was that chair (you know the one). “I try not to get too excited, but then we got onto the bridge there was a chair there, calling my name. It’s going, ‘Stick your ass on me’ and I wouldn’t do it. I spent the first two or three episodes conducting the war, standing like the torpedoes were members of an orchestra. I just put off sitting in the chair… My buttocks where William Shatner and Sir Patrick Stewart and so many others have placed their holy buttocks! It’s too great.”

Luckily (or maybe not, depending on your POV), Martin-Green (Michael Burnham) was there to take everyone’s mind off of Starfleet Captain rear ends by talking about the importance of the Star Trek franchise in pop culture and beyond: “Coming into this legacy, joining the Star Trek family and the history and the magnitude of it—what that means, being able to be a part of what I like to call ‘the solution’ to today’s problems… I mean, there are lots of solutions but being one of them is a big deal.”