Fan Expo 2017: John Barrowman Talks Arrow, Captain Jack, And Hamilton

Fan Expo 2017

Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow’s John Barrowman is known for his electric personality and epic convention appearances, and his performance at Fan Expo this past Friday was no exception.

That’s right, we said performance. Barrowman opened his Q&A session with a semi-striptease, shedding a long trench coat to reveal a tight TARDIS onesie underneath. He then closed the session with a rousing performance of Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana.” All while wearing high heels.

But amid the fun and fanfare, Barrowman took the time to divulge countless stories from and insights into both his professional and personal life, including a few anecdotes about having his appendix taken out, quad biking with his niece and nephew, and what the Arrow cast did to celebrate his 50th birthday. Lipstick, cake, gold speedos, and a shirtless Stephen Amell were all involved.

He also shared a few memorable behind the scenes stories from Arrow, Torchwood, and Doctor Who. Apparently David Tennant nearly revealed that Captain Jack Harkness was the Face of Boe before Barrowman got a chance to read the script. But Barrowman milked the moment for all it was worth when the big reveal finally aired, walking over to a nearby window so that he could “hear the nation’s jaw drop.”

Though he couldn’t reveal too much about his upcoming projects, Barrowman said that he started working with English comedian Keith Lemon after a sketch they filmed together received positive reception in the UK. He wouldn’t say anything about what the project entails, but warned us to look out for “what happens in the park.” Barrowman also said that he’d be interested in playing more comedic characters going forward, including a “good dad,” a “gay dad,” and an “outrageous gay character.”

And apparently we also came this close to seeing the theatre-trained Barrowman perform in the hottest musical of the decade. He admitted that he was asked to play King George in the London production of Hamilton, but ultimately decided to turn down the role. “It’s just one song!” Barrowman protested over top the audience’s disappointed groans.

The highlight of the panel was arguably Barrowman’s unexpected lip lock with an audience member named Montana, who walked on stage and boldly removed his shirt after Barrowman was asked about his favourite on-screen or on-stage kiss. After taking a few moments to recover, Barrowman finally revealed that his favourite kiss was with David Tennant.

But what may have been even more exciting was Barrowman admitting to the possibility of Captain Jack returning to Doctor Who in the near future. Why? Chris Chibnall, who’s replacing Steven Moffatt as Who’s executive producer in 2018, was also the head writer and co-producer for the Captain Jack-centric Torchwood. “If they asked me, I would say yes,” Barrowman confessed.