Fan Expo 2016: Hayley Atwell Says There’s Still Hope For Agent Carter

Fans are still struggling to accept the demise of Agent Carter—and they’re not alone. In fact, the show’s star has yet to accept the news. “I’m not entirely convinced it is over,” Hayley Atwell explained during her Fan Expo appearance on Saturday. “Not that I have any secrets or more information, but with the amazing reception it got from the fans and the fact that the Marvel team love her and I love playing her… it’s not a lack of popularity, but just more kind of a logistics situation with the network—something I don’t really understand—but I think it’s got every chance of finding a home somewhere else.”

Asked what form the future Agent Carter might take, Atwell makes it clear that she’d be willing to reunite with the show’s cast and crew in any context. “The writers toward the end of the second season had plans for what season three would be or could be,” she said. “It was really exciting and kind of surprising to me and this is a team of people, we really love each other and we really just want to be able to work together again in whatever medium it is, whether it’s a TV or a film spin-off or an appearance in something. We’d jump at the chance.”

According to Atwell, the playful relationship between the show’s cast and crew was so powerful that it occasionally took priority over the episodes they were shooting. “I kind of feel like the actual acting got in the way of the shenanigans,” she joked. “That’s kind of why we’re there really. The most important aspect of work was just pranking each other. That whole project taught me how to bring an element of fun onto a set and still be able to do the work.”


Whatever the future holds for Agent Carter, Atwell has plenty to keep her busy in the meantime. The actress’ current obsession is CTV’s Conviction, her new dramatic series about an attorney struggling to overturn wrongful convictions. “She’s a former First Daughter and she’s American and it’s set now, so I get to wear jeans,” she explained. “She’s troubled in a really fascinating way. She’s someone that I like to look at from afar and go, ‘Wow, that’s amazing,’ but I wouldn’t really want to be in the same room as her because she’s kind of scary. But she’s great fun to play.”

If you’re used to seeing Atwell on Agent Carter, prepare for an intriguing change of pace, as Conviction’s Hayes Morrison has a temperament all her own. “She’s kind of a person that says everything we wish we had the confidence to say. She doesn’t really have a filter. She says everything that comes into her mind, which is not always a nice thought. She doesn’t care and I kind of like her audacity, but it’s a legal procedural, so it follows a case a week that she has to solve, but at the same time, she’s trying not to ruin every aspect of her life. She’s a bit of a sabotager, but she’s great fun.”

Hayley Atwell returns to CTV on October 3 when Conviction premieres. Before reaching a verdict on this new series, be sure to check out the trailer here.