Fan Expo 2016: Christopher Lloyd Is The Reason We’re All Still Obsessed With Back To The Future

Sure, Michael J. Fox was at peak adorableness during his Back to the Future trilogy years but it’s Christopher Lloyd’s off the wall performance as Doc Brown that hooked us on the movies and turned them into classics. Lloyd landed at Fan Expo this weekend for a fan Q&A that centred on his BTTF years but also touched on his long career—in films like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (where he drew inspiration from working with Jack Nicholson), and on TV series like Taxi (where he saw Tony Danza pushed to empty the contents of a fire extinguisher in Andy Kaufman’s direction).

That said, it’s the Back to the Future part that we’re most into, right? Here’s what we found out.

Out Of The Entire Trilogy, This Was His Favourite Thing To Film

Lloyd has a real soft spot for the third Back to the Future movie. Why? He has a few reasons: he loved the Wild West setting because it meant that he got to be around steam engines—he calls them “incredible machines”—and he was a big fan of all the horseback riding on set, too. But the best thing, he says, was the fact that Doc got to fall in love. “How many films have you seen where my character falls in love?” asked Lloyd.

If He Had His Own Delorean, Who Would He Go Back In Time To Meet?

“I’d like to hang out with Abraham Lincoln. And I’m not saying that because I’m partisan this or that, I just think he was amazing, the way he worked through crises. People would come to him with problems and he told them stories that captured exactly what they were concerned about.” Side note: Lloyd’s answer came with an apology to the fan who asked the question, “I hope you’re not feeling badly about how this turned out,” the actor told him (the guy was dressed like Jesus and was maybe hoping for a different answer).


His Favourite On-Set Memory With Michael J. Fox

Lloyd returned to the third movie again, citing a scene where the two leads were filming atop one of his beloved steam engines. “We had a to walk on top of the train car while it was moving. And when you’re up on the top of one of those it’s like WHOOSH! We were facing each other, and the train is bumping along at three miles an hour or so, and it took a little courage. We both just looked at each other like ‘Okay, here we go…’ But everything turned out okay.”

His Favourite Line From The Movies

You probably won’t be surprised to find out that it’s “Great Scott!” (and that Lloyd isn’t shy about repeating it for his fans).