Falling Water Is A Conspiracy Theory Dream Its Characters Can’t Wake Up From

Do your dreams belong to you or are they shared? Not, like, the dream you and 800 other kids had about being an astronaut one day, but the ones you have every night while you sleep. The dreams where you show up to work only to find that your office has morphed into the house your grandparents lived in when you were eight and it’s infested with demons and it’s your job to exorcise them while wearing vintage swimwear. Those dreams. Is the thought that someone could be listening in on them or experiencing them with you comforting… or creepy?

That’s the premise behind Falling Water, a new hour-long psychological thriller premiering on Bravo beginning October 19 that centres on three characters who, despite not knowing each other, share a collective dream—a dark, cryptic one that leads them to begin looking for answers during their waking lives.

The show’s cast includes American Horror Story: Asylum’s Lizzie Brochere, Hawaii 5-0’s Will Yun Lee, and David Ajala (Fast & Furious 6). Falling Water’s execs previously produced shows like Homeland and The Walking Dead.


Set in Manhattan, the story brings complete strangers—a fashion trend spotter, a Wall Street security expert, and a homicide detective—together after they begin to share the same dreams. Visions of dark hallways, babies, an out of control bus, and the word “Topeka” (a long way from New York City), haunt the trio every night. As they come to the realization that their dreams aren’t theirs alone, and that the pieces of each dream narrative fit together, it becomes harder to separate dream from reality and central questions arise: what do the dreams mean and where are they coming from?

The ten episode run of Falling Water kicks off on October 19, airing every Wednesday at 10e on Bravo. Check out a sneak peek from the upcoming series below, plus the poster.