Fire And Fake News: Fahrenheit 451’s New Trailer Is A Bookworm’s Worst Nightmare


We got our first look at Michael B. Jordan as the lead pyromaniac in HBO’s adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 last February. Now we’ve got a first real trailer for the series, premiering this May on HBO. In it, we’re given a closer look at what life is like in this dystopian future where a fireman’s job is to start fires and the very existence of books is viewed as a dangerous thing (nevermind the fact that everyone seems too engrossed in their VR headsets to be bothered to pick one up).

Jordan plays Guy Montag, the character made famous by writer Ray Bradbury in the 1953 novel this new series is based on. The world Montag inhabits is one where mandatory pharmaceuticals regulate thoughts and emotions, smarthome systems called Yuxie spy on people in their own homes, and knowledge is seen as a very bad thing.

Happiness is found in equality and equality comes from fire. Books still exist, but Montag’s job is to find them and light them up. Things get difficult when he begins to question his career choices and the answers he gets seem transparently false—like fake news. HBO’s timing couldn’t be better.

Catch the debut of Fahrenheit 451 May 19 at 8pm on HBO Canada and check out the new trailer below.