Face Off: “Super Selfies”

As this week’s episode began, the seven remaining artists arrived at the Herald Examiner Building, a historic location that was used in movies like Collateral and The Usual Suspects. After the artists settled in, host McKenzie Westmore introduced a challenge she describes as “the most daunting” in Face Off history.

The focus of this week’s episode is superheroes. Our artists were tasked with transforming ordinary people into extraordinary characters. The challenging twist? They also had to serve as their own models. This news was greeted with a combination of giddy excitement—and panic.

To make this seemingly impossible task a little more manageable, the artists were joined by a team of makeup assistants.

While the possibility of elimination is getting more real for these artists every week, Ben is especially aware of this danger, as he is now the last remaining member of team Anthony.

While he didn’t emerge as one of the judges’ favourites, he did stave off elimination with an unusually spooky superhero.


The only problem Julian encountered this week was his painstaking slowness. Recognizing this problem, Laura stepped in and gave him a lesson in speed-sculpting.

Like Ben, Julian wound up with a character that was well-received by the judges, but not well enough to make the top two.

Darla also found herself battling against the clock. With just minutes to go, she was still racing to finish her makeup.

While her character wasn’t among this week’s best, she was more than happy to avoid elimination.

This week’s challenge was more problematic for Stephanie, who once again found herself struggling to come up with a concept.

Ultimately, she was happy with the character she created, but the judges found it dull and derivative, landing her in the bottom two.

One of the most consistent forces on this season of Face Off, Emily had another reason to celebrate this week: her birthday.

Unfortunately, that was the only thing that went well for her this week. First, she discovered that her makeup design was all wrong.

Next, her mold failed to set properly, resulting in a face that seemed potentially unusable.

While Emily managed to salvage all the pieces of her character, the judges were puzzled by her creation, which bore no resemblance to a superhero. Ve Neill was especially critical, due to Emily’s ongoing reliance on giant wigs.

So who did the judges pick as this week’s best superheroes? See if you can recognize the artists in the images below.

To find out which heroes were most and least super, watch this week’s episode now.