Face Off: “Sounding Off”

As this week’s episode of Face Off got underway, host McKenzie Westmore presented the artists with a very unusual mini-challenge. Broken into random groups of three, they had to create characters inspired by claws—in just two hours.

Further complicating matters, each team member was forced to work alone in 20-minute shifts, without relaying any information to their teammates. It seemed like a recipe for disaster, but the four characters that emerged from this exercise were all relatively impressive.

Adam was granted immunity after his team’s blue-haired woman was selected as the winner by guest judge Jill Wagner (Teen Wolf).

As the artists braced themselves for this week’s challenge, two surprise guests arrived. When Rayce announced that he would be unable to act as coach this week (due to professional obligations), former contestant RJ was brought in to take his place.

Next, McKenzie Westmore brought out Oscar-nominated sound designer Erik Aadahl, who created a series of sounds to inspire this week’s characters.

After the artists selected their partners, each duo was assigned a sound. Even with this specific piece of inspiration, Ben and Julian ran into trouble. Without deciding on a design, Ben started sculpting, but this failed to solve the problem. Anthony and Laura both came in to consult—and the confusion continued.

In a surprising twist, Ben and Julian eventually got on track and their character emerged as one of the judges’ two favourites.

Emily and Jamie got off to a strong start, but they were slowed down significantly by Emily’s elaborate cowl.

In the end, their character landed somewhere in the middle, neither disappointing nor amazing the judges.

Adam’s immunity celebration turned out to be short-lived, as he found himself in a tense partnership with Regina. Since his ideas played against her strengths, she steered them in another direction.

The result was an alien super soldier that left the judges scratching their heads.

Here are the other three characters, including one of the best and one of the worst.

In spite of the negative response to his character, Adam was kept in the clear by his immunity. As this week’s episode came to a close, Darla, Anthony, and Regina found themselves on the brink of elimination.

To find out who won, who lost, and whose work was described as “an abomination,” watch the full episode here.