Face Off Season Finale Recap: “The Dream Team”

At the conclusion of last week’s episode, McKenzie Westmore asked the three remaining artists to stick around for their next challenge. As this week’s season finale got underway, she let them know what they were waiting for: “the most difficult challenge yet.”

She then proceeded to bring back all 12 of this season’s eliminated artists and instructed the finalists to pick teams. This is what those teams looked like:




Before proceeding further with this challenge, the finalists were given a breather to reach out to family. Emily chose her parents, Darla chose her boyfriend, and Logan chose his wife.




When the new teams were brought back together, they were instructed to design four characters from a blockbuster of their own creation. By picking numbers, each artist was blindly assigned one of three genres: post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, or fantasy. Next, they came up with titles for their fictional movies with the help of words on a board.


Once they got to work, the teams quickly gelled. Emily was so confident in her team that she left them alone while she attempted to make fake glass, a task that involved some challenging math.

Once the glass was complete, Emily found herself struggling to create the effect she was going for.

Darla was pleased with her team’s concept, but when Laura worried that her central character wasn’t sufficiently attractive, a sense of crisis kicked in.

With some speedy redesign, they managed to overcome this obstacle, but Darla again found herself stuck when she couldn’t get the flames on one character’s face to read properly.

Of the three finalists, Logan had the smoothest final week, but he was forced to lay down the law when he sensed that Gregory was wasting time on secondary details.

Logan’s team also struggled with a large green skunk tail—skunk tails are never a good thing—which proved too heavy for its intended purpose.

Once the characters were complete, fans, judges, and the Westmores came together at Universal Studios to see the results.

Team Emily came up with the following characters for their post-apocalyptic movie The Fortress.

Working in the fantasy genre, Team Darla created these four characters for The Spirits of Eden.

Finally, Team Logan ventured into science fiction territory with these characters for Paradise Reckoning.

To find out who emerged victorious, watch the season finale online now.