Face Off: “Queen Bees”

Face Off: “Queen Bees” The 10 remaining artists paint their own insects. As this week’s episode of Face Off got underway, host McKenzie Westmore introduced a foundation challenge that would earn one of the artists immunity. They were presented with a variety of hats, one of which would inspire each character.

A popular guest judge in season seven, Oscar-winning makeup designer Lois Burwell (Saving Private Ryan, Lincoln)was on hand to judge their creations. She explained that she was looking for three things: technique, skill, and a clean makeup.

Given just two hours to complete this challenge, the artists came up with an intriguing variety of looks.

In deciding which artist deserved immunity, Burwell narrowed it down to Emily and Rob. We’ll leave it to you to find out who emerged victorious.

For this week’s larger challenge, the artists were brought to Canyon Ranch, a popular filming location that has appeared in episodes of The Office, Sons of Anarchy, and True Blood. Their task? Create an insect queen and her companion. But rather than return to the lab to work with their usual supplies, the artists remained on location, body-painting their designs on a group of naked models.

On hand to offer guidance was master body-painter Nix Herrera, who warned the artists that their work needed to photograph well, as that’s how it would be viewed by the judges.

While Herrera’s feedback was generally positive, he was somewhat concerned about Ben’s camouflage design, as the colors around his model were in constant flux due to changes in the sun’s position.

This wasn’t the first discouragement Ben received during this episode. When Anthony advised him and Kelly to re-think their concept, Ben shot this idea down, insisting that he had already completed much of his work.

Having ignored one another for most of this challenge, Ben and Kelly wound up with ill-matching characters, landing them in the bottom two.

Darla and Stephanie also struggled to come up with a viable concept. Eventually, Laura intervened, helping them find a more inventive approach.

Entering the judging phase, Darla and Stephanie were still nervous, but they were pleasantly surprised when the judges left them out of the bottom two.

Laura’s feedback for Logan and Julian proved to be even more beneficial. Realizing that they were uncertain about the anatomy of a worm, she convinced them to abandon this idea and move in a new direction.

The result was impressive enough to land Logan and Julian in the top two.

Having already made an impression in this week’s foundation challenge, Emily again scored big when the honeybee characters she created with Jamie also landed in the top two.

The only duo that leaves is Adam and Rob, who found inspiration in the Sistine Chapel… and ladybugs. With Ve Neill comparing their queen to the work of a kid at a county fair, they ended up in the bottom two with Ben and Kelly.