Face Off: “Miss Intergalactic”

As this week’s episode got underway, the artists arrived on a beach for a tribute to the Hindu religious tradition The Holy Festival, more commonly known as The Festival of Colours.

In the spirit of spring, the artists were given a colourful mix of powders. Denied access to any of their usual tools, they came up with inventive tricks for painting their models. Not knowing who was responsible for each design, the coaches were brought in to judge, granting the winner a commodity that has never been more valuable: immunity.

While introducing this week’s spotlight challenge, McKenzie Westmore was joined by 2013 Miss Universe Gabriela Isler.

The artists’ task this week was to create beautiful aliens that would compete against one another in a pageant known as Miss Intergalactic. Upon hearing this, Emily was instantly ecstatic.

The artists also learned that this week’s winning creation would gets its own full-page spread in Entertainment Weekly. EW senior writer Darren Franich was on hand to judge the contestants.

Darla had several problems this week. When Laura expressed concern that her design’s lack of symmetry worked against traditional notions of beauty, Darla made some inventive adjustments.

She also had some problems with her character’s face, which came out with imperfections she wasn’t expecting.

In spite of these struggles, Darla emerged with one of this week’s top looks. She earned particularly strong praise from Franich, who was impressed by her alien’s Old Hollywood quality.

Julian also encountered some obstacles this week. When he discovered a large indentation on his cowl, he was forced to create a foam patch to restore a sense of symmetry.

He also expressed concern about his lack of experience with beauty makeup. Fortunately, Laura was able to step in and give him some valuable guidance.

Like Darla, Julian made it through his struggles with one of this week’s top looks. Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page weren’t just impressed by his forms, they were blown away.

The third artist in crisis this week was Kelly, who came to tears when she realized that her initial design was too arachnid. Reworking the character put her severely behind schedule.

When it came time to finish this alien, Kelly was forced to race through a detailed paint job in less than an hour.

Unlike Darla and Julian, Kelly received negative reviews from the judges, who felt the design was too busy.

Here are the rest of the Miss Intergalactic contestants, including another look from the top and the bottom.