Face Off: “Imaginary Friends”

This week’s episode began in an unusually innocent locale: a playground in Pasadena’s Brookside Park. As McKenzie Westmore discussed “the innocent originality and raw imagination of a child,” six kids casually played behind her.

Before long, these kids joined McKenzie, and she explained this week’s challenge to the six remaining artists. Once selected by one of these kids, each artist would be tasked with bringing that kid’s imaginary friend to life.

Moments later, each kid raced over and selected an artist. They then proceeded to explain their character, as the artists sketched and took notes. Here’s a look at these unlikely partnerships:

In spite of the contagious cheer of these kids, a dark cloud quickly descended over Emily, who was suffering from a bad case of homesickness.

To make matters worse, she discovered that her head mold was falling apart.

In spite of these challenges, Emily managed to stay out of the bottom two. The same goes for Logan, though his inexperience with beauty makeup made it necessary to seek guidance from his model.

Julian’s problems proved to be more substantial. Given the near impossible task of creating a kid-friendly B-Boy zombie, he struggled to devise a clear vision. In spite of some helpful guidance from Laura, he landed in the bottom two.

The same goes for Ben, whose unwieldy assignment made it necessary for coach Anthony to wear his costume, as his model was busy completing some of the detail work. When the judges concluded that the end result looked incomplete, Ben also found himself in the bottom two.

Due to the scope of his partner’s design, Adam was nervous that his character wouldn’t come together in time, but the judges ultimately praised his work, marveling that he could complete a character this elaborate in the time allotted. As a result, he landed in the top two.

For the judging phase, the kids returned to see their imaginary friends come to life.

Here are the six characters that resulted from this process—and the reactions of their creators.

To see the judges’ more conflicted reactions, watch this week’s episode now.