Face Off: “Full Steam Ahead”

The second last episode of Face Off season eight began at Paramount Ranch’s Western Town, a historic site that has hosted the likes of John Wayne, Bob Hope, and Kirk Douglas. The artists were asked to create a classic western character… reimagined as a steampunk cyborg.

Several of the artists immediately lamented their limited knowledge of both the Old West and steampunk, but they received insight on the latter from a familiar face: Glenn Hetrick. He discussed the roots of this subgenre and emphasized that all technology involved in their creations should look like it has a purpose.

Nervous about her lack of relevant knowledge, Darla drew a blank in the initial design phase. In the face of this uncertainty, she also shed a few tears.

With some help from Laura, Darla eventually found her footing, impressing the judges with her creation.

Similarly concerned about her lack of expertise, Emily struggled to come up with a face for her character. When Michael Westmore noticed this, he urged Emily to make this her focus.

This resulted in some short-lived panic, as Emily did research and considered the possibilities.

In the end, it all came together, with Glenn offering heartfelt praise for her inventiveness.

Of the remaining artists, Logan seemed to encounter the most problems this week. Looking over his early face sculpt, Michael Westmore warned him not to be too subtle about the makeup.

This became a major preoccupation for Logan, taking valuable time from his other ideas.

As the last member of Team Rayce, Logan had the undivided attention of his coach, who wisely recommended that he reduce the size of his character’s “hoots.”

Rayce also noticed that the character’s face was asymmetrical, causing Logan to make some vital adjustments.

The judges were relatively happy with the results, but Logan still found himself in the bottom two.

As Julian started work on his character, Laura worried about his lack of experience with fabrication, though she tried to be encouraging.

Eventually, it became clear that he was taking on too many unfamiliar challenges.

Like Julian, his character impressed the judges, but was problematic enough to land him in the bottom two.

As the episode came to a close, the judges acknowledged that they were dealing with one one of the most difficult decisions in Face Off history.

To find out who they eliminated, watch this week’s episode online now.