Face Off: “Deadly Dolls”

Going into this week’s episode of Face Off, Julian was vocally concerned that he’d be handed another whimsical challenge. The likelihood of escaping this fate plummeted when the artists arrived at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

A legendary puppeteer and marionette maker, Baker worked on films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Addams Family Values. Tapping into the spooky spirit of the latter, the artists were asked to take inspiration from classic puppets—in making characters both evil and demonic. Needless to say, Julian was relieved.

On hand to judge this week’s creations was one of the world’s leading experts on kid-friendly characters turned evil: Child’s Play writer Don Mancini.

In recent weeks, Emily has had more problems than usual—and that run of bad luck continued this week. First, her chest mold broke apart.

Next, another piece of her character cracked down the middle, making it unusable.

She also struggled to alter her character’s hair, a process that was rapidly accelerated when Laura suggested that she sand her wig.

In spite of these difficulties, Emily emerged with one of this week’s top looks. Unfortunately, her character’s erratic movements made it impossible to get a decent screen grab.

Joining Emily at the top was Darla, who managed to make a huge impression on the judges without suffering any major setbacks.

Usually one of the more confident artists, Logan had his confidence shaken this week when Rayce questioned his design.

After some resistance, he decided to go even further than his coach suggested, scrapping everything and starting from scratch.

Even then, Rayce continued questioning Logan’s choices.

While it was unpleasant in the moment, this back and forth helped Logan impress the judges and avoid elimination.

Adam had similar conceptual problems, with both Rayce and Michael Westmore warning that his character was a bad fit for this week’s challenge.

Unlike Logan, Adam ignored these concerns, landing him in the bottom two.

Joining Adam at the bottom was Julian, whose methods of aging his character left the judges unsatisfied.

To find out made it through to the final four, watch this week’s episode now.