Is It Next Season Yet? And 5 Other Questions About The Expanse Finale

The Season 2 finale of The Expanse answered as many old questions (Is Mei still alive? Will Naomi admit that she lied to Holden? What does that escaped proto-dude want?) as it asked new ones. But one thing’s certain: the Expanse universe has been successfully infiltrated by an alien lifeform whose progress appears to be unstoppable and incomprehensible. (WHAT happened to that UN ship that tried to land on Venus?!)

Here are five questions we’re left with… until next season.


1. Where will the crew of the Roci go now?

In their stolen Martian ship they’re unlikely to be welcome on either Mars or Earth. Will it bae back to some station in the Belt or will they reteam with Fred Johnson on Tycho? Naomi’s “offering” probably went a long way in rebuilding that burnt bridge…


2. Was it really a good idea to give Johnson the protomolecule?

We were ready for Naomi to confess to Holden about not destroying their sample… but we didn’t expect her to have already found a home for it. At least she didn’t had it over to Anderson Dawes? If the Belt is going to have the protomolecule, Johnson is probably the least volatile guy to give it to. Probably.


3. How much trouble is Errinwright in NOW?

Chrisjen Avasarala’s UN colleague was in a tough spot before (because of his dealings with Jules-Pierre Mao and under the table scheming to secure the protomolecule for Earth’s use) but now, after trying to have her assassinated? She’s going to destroy him.


4. Are guns basically redundant when you’re Bobbie Draper?

An unarmed Draper took out every last man that stood in her way on Mao’s ship—and that was before she retrieved her power armour from the hold and rescued Avasarala and her wounded bodyguard.


5. What is Strickland’s endgame for the kids he took from Ganymede?

Mei still looks like Mei, but Strickland is definitely subjecting her (and who knows how many other kids) to some kind of protomolecule treatment/experiment in that massive facility we saw at the very end of the finale. Why? And for who?