Need An Expanse Season 1 Refresher? These Cats Have You Covered

Little-known fact: the surface of Mars is covered in kitty litter. Don‘t believe us? Just wait until Season 2 of The Expanse launches this February 1 (with a two-hour-long premiere) and we finally head to the Red Planet with Bobbie Draper and her MCRN squad. Feeling a bit lost? Don’t worry, it’s been awhile since we last saw the show’s ensemble cast of characters—which is why this cast of cats recapping/recatting last season’s converging story arcs is so helpful.

It’s kind of unsettling how closely the recap’s feline stars resemble their human counterparts—Cat Holden and Cat Miller especially. As for Julie Mao—sorry, Meow—and her protomolecule-driven death, cat lovers will be relieved to know that the recap version is way less horrific. Actually, it’s kind of cute.

Check out the video below then head to CraveTV where you can stream the entire first season of The Expanse ahead of the show’s hotly-anticipated return to Space February 1 at 10e 7p.