Expanse Recap: Whatever’s Left On Eros, It’s More Than Just Static

There may not be anything we’d recognize as human still alive on Eros but the station harbours a life of some sort—one that’s growing, communicating, and building… something. The young Belters on Tycho Station know it—much to Miller’s chagrin, they’ve been tuning into music made from the sounds emanating from the station. And, thanks to Amos’… um, inspired interrogation techniques, the Roci crew know about it, too.

The sole (partially lobotomized) scientist to have made it out of the protomolecule study lab alive has no desire to help them. Incapable of empathy (see ref. to partial lobotomy above), he can only be coaxed into revealing details of his work by appealing to a desire to get his hands on whatever bits of experiment data remains. It’s an uncomfortable deal to strike, but Holden reluctantly goes through with it.

As if a thriving alien protomolecule infestation of a Belter hub wasn’t a big enough problem for humanity, Earth has gone ahead and escalated things with Mars by blowing up Deimos, on of the planet’s moons. Flights off of Mars are grounded and Bobbie Draper is seriously pissed that she isn’t being sent on a murder/suicide mission to take out Earthers. Instead, she’s getting put on farm patrol—punishment for assaulting a private in a locker room brawl.

The unholy alliance between OPA leader Fred Johnson and the UN’s Chrisjen Avasarala has solidified, putting them both at risk of being labelled as traitors to their respective sides—an Earther reaching out to the OPA is treason, and the evidence Johnson sent Avasarala’s way would get him into a tonne of trouble with the Alliance. It’s possible, however, that they both have so much to lose that neither of them will out the other.

Meanwhile, Miller has found himself in hot water with the Roci crew, Holden especially. He’s been expelled from his bunk on the Rocinante following the rash decision he made to shoot Dr. Dresden (the architect of the protomolecule project) clean through the head before anyone could get any truly useful information out of him. Now Miller’s plan is to… convert to Mormonism? Nope, wait. His interest in the religion made popular by Big Love and Sister Wives is just a cover. Miller’s real intentions lie with the Mormon’s ship. If Miller gets his way, that 100-year mission they’ve been planning could be a lot shorter. Like, the-distance-between-Tycho-and-Eros-shorter.

Do we think the Mormons will be cool with Miller using their life’s work to take out Eros or nah?