Expanse Recap: The Season 2 Finale Strands Us In The Centre Of Caliban’s War

All that energy spent chasing the protomolecule incarnate last episode just to have the creature stow away in the Roci’s cargo bay? That’s some serious irony—and a serious problem for Holden and his crew, who have to get the thing off of their ship before it tears it apart looking for food (fave snack: nuclear radiation).

Holden and Amos go in after the monster but their MCRN-issued guns have very little effect. When Amos’ vac suit is punctured, he’s forced to leave Holden behind, pinned to the wall by a magnetic cargo bin, while the alien continues its destructive search for snacks. Any method the crew can come up with to vanquish the creature comes with an inconvenient byproduct: killing Holden. Naomi is unwilling to sacrifice him (Amos is pretty okay with it, though).

Luckily for Holden, Prax comes up with an alternative plan and they manage to lure the proto-thing out into space by dangling a tasty nuclear warhead in front of it (and then toasting it with rocket fuel).

But that’s not even close to the end of the season finale proto-drama. With Holden back safe in the medical bay (hey, isn’t that where he wrapped up last season?), Naomi decides it’s time to confess: not only did she not destroy their protomolecule sample, she’s passed it on to Fred Johnson and the OPA. Her reasoning being that if Earth and Mars have the molecule, the Belt should too. Us, we’re not so sure. Especially after seeing what it did to the UN mission to Venus.

Looks like Chrisjen Avasarala’s scientist friend is no more—and she nearly was as well. Errinwright made every effort to see that she wouldn’t make it off of Jules-Pierre Mao’s ship but he didn’t count on Bobbie Draper’s near-invincibility. Draper, unarmed, mowed down the ship’s crew without breaking a sweat. Once she got to the hold to retrieve her power armour, there was no stopping her. If Avasarala can make it back to Earth, Errinwright is finished for sure.

Not that any of this necessarily matters in the long run. If Dr. Strickland’s protomolecule/kid hybrid project is successful, all these petty political dramas could end up being completely meaningless.