Expanse Recap: It’ll Take More Than Good Luck And Godspeed To Stop The Protomolecule

Whoa. We got a serious glimpse of what the protomolecule is truly capable of in this week’s episode of The Expanse. Was anyone who wondered about the building, buzzing, and counting down activities that the alien life form was up to in last week’s episode actually ready for what it did on/to Eros this week? Miller, Holden, and the Roci crew definitely weren’t.

At the start of ‘Godspeed’, it almost looked like a sure win for humanity, with the UN’s Chrisjen Avasarala and OPA leader Fred Johnson braving accusations of treason to secretly team up and alert everyone to the sketchy science that Jules-Pierre Mao and his Protogen Corp. are up to (i.e. biotech tinkering on Phoebe Station).

Even Miller and Holden ended up on the same side after Johnson intervened to make them both see why and how Eros needs to be destroyed—and if that was going to happen, then the Rocinante crew would have to play an integral part.

All factions, with the exception of Mars (probably still smarting over Earth’s destruction of their moon), were working together to stop the protomolecule from potentially destroying all life in the galaxy. (Okay, so the Mormons weren’t really on board but they definitely made—unwillingly and uninformed—an important Nauvoo-shaped contribution.)

Via a fake radiation leak and an equally fake comms shutdown, Johnson and Miller see that the Nauvoo is evacuated and primed for hijacking. The plan is to send the Roci and the Guy Molinari to Eros, have bomb-laden Belters wire it for a nuclear big bang, and crash the unmanned Nauvoo into it setting off the nukes and sealing the station permanently.

Sounds like a no-fail strategy, right? A small snag arises when the Roci realizes that they’ve got company on Eros: a humanitarian mission by the crew of a ship called Narasmus. The doctors on board have discovered what’s happening on the asteroid and have plans to broadcast the news, endangering everyone’s safety by revealing information about the protomolecule. Holden is faced with the tough decision to fire on them or let them live and put everyone else in jeopardy… the Roci blasts the ship out of the sky.

With the Narasmus out of the way, it seems like the team has a clear path to their goal of containing the protomolecule—only no one factored in the asteroid’s new-found ability to propel itself through space at will (and at a decent clip, too).

As the Nauvoo is about to hit Eros (with Miller stranded there babysitting a malfunctioning nuke), the asteroid inexplicably moves out of the way, protecting itself from being destroyed. So defying the laws of physics is one thing we know the protomolecule can do…