Expanse Recap: The Weeping Somnambulist Is The Best Ship Name Ever

Life in space is hard but for Martians making the trip to Earth (a place that looks like paradise from their as-yet-to-be-terraformed red planet) the arrival is the toughest part—even for a Marine. When Bobbie and her MCRN contingent arrive on UN ground, the stumble into the sunshine, trying not to get sick under the weight of all that extra gravity (some of them are even successful—including Draper).

The Martians’ inability to live up to their formidable reputation under Earth’s gravity is a source of amusement for certain UN operatives and the Marines know it. Which is why Draper is so determined to appear cool and composed as she testifies in front of the UN inquiry. Bringing her armour with her as evidence, she sticks to her orders and recounts a story in which her squad mistakenly fires the first shot on Ganymede, setting off the ground and air battle that destroyed the station there. She manages to stay silent about the so-called ‘seventh man’ (the guy without the spacesuit who we can only assume is the protomolecule having taking on a human form) until her superiors reveal that they’ve decided to make a scapegoat out of Earth-born Private Travis.

Draper isn’t having it. During a second round of questioning conducted by Chrisjen Avasarala, she breaks down and mentions the strange man that appeared to be chasing the UN squad on Ganymede. Quickly, though, she regains her composure and shifts the blame back to Travis. But Avasarala has seen a crack in the Martians’ version of events.

While all this is going down on Earth, Holden and his crew are ship-hijacking their way onto Ganymede to hunt down Dr. Strickland (and maybe help Prax find his daughter in the process). To do it, they board a relief vessel called The Weeping Somnambulist dressed as MCRN cargo inspectors and take control of the ship by semi-force. Despite the fact that Ganymede is currently under Martian control, the Roci would draw too much attention if it arrived on the moon.

When real hijackers board the ship after it reaches the decimated station, there’s a shootout and Holden and Amos end up saving the day—sort of. One of the Somnambulist’s two pilots gets caught in the crossfire.

On Venus, the news is even worse. As competing MCRN and UN expeditions vie to be the first to find out what happened to the asteroid-turned-ship, Eros, it’s discovered that the spot where Eros hit Venus is teeming with life—of the protomolecule variety.