Expanse Recap: Who Was The Seventh Man… Or Do We Want To Know?

Who was that man on Jupiter’s moon—the one that Bobbie Draper saw after her team was attacked on Ganymede? All of us, including Bobbie, are sure of one thing: he/it definitely wasn’t… human. The whole ‘not wearing a spacesuit in -183° celsius weather’ thing kinda gives it away.

Following the attack that left her entire team dead and nearly killed her, too, Draper’s been undergoing some pretty intense interrogations aboard the Martian ship that rescued her. They want to know what she saw on Ganymede—but when she finally remembers, they ask her to forget. But not just forget… after awarding her a Purple Heart for bravery, her C.O. orders her to lie to an UN-organized inquiry about the fight that broke out on the moon that Earth and Mars share. Draper is told to say that Mars fired the first shot, when in truth, it was the UN soldiers firing (at that man/thing she’s been told to shut up about). We’ll see if the story sticks when she arrives on Earth.

On Tycho, chaos has arrived in the form of Ceres Station bigshot Anderson Dawes. A Belter by birth, he’s working to undo Fred Johnson’s leadership by undermining his adopted Belter status. Johnson wants the OPA to negotiate for peace with Earth and Mars while Dawes claims to fear it—adding that all true Belters should feel the same.

To that end, he kidnaps Johnson’s secret bargaining chip: the one scientist with working knowledge of the protomolecule (and the ability to track down more). Naomi and Alex give chase, but all they end up catching is a young OPA radical whose ship was intended to act as a decoy so Dawes could escape. Bet Naomi is feeling pretty terrible about not destroying the second known batch when she had the chance.

And what about Amos, how’s he feeling? In light of the conversation we saw him have with the lobotomized protomolecule scientist, it would seem as though he’s considering an empathy removal procedure of his own… uh, let’s hope he didn’t go through with that.