Who Won’t The Expanse Kill Off? 5 Questions About This Week’s Expanse

Adios, Miller. It was nice knowing you and your asymmetrical haircut. At least you crashed into a scorchingly hot, uninhibited planet next to the woman you loved (without ever actually meeting until it was time to die). What was with that unhealthy obsession with Julie Mao, anyway? Did Miller die for a cause or a crush? Let’s hash this (and some other stuff) out:

1. Did Miller have a death wish or a death crush?

Julie Mao and Star Helix Detective Miller: star-crossed lovers or two people with good intentions and really, really terrible luck? Miller was definitely obsessed with Mao (he carried her necklace around and hallucinated visions of her on the regular). But did Mao have feelings for him (that developed in the minute and half they had together)? Either way, it’s nice not to go rocketing into a fiery death on Venus alone. RIP Miller… at least he won’t have to face the music with the Mormons.

2. Who’s in more trouble: Fred Johnson for taking the UN’s missiles off course, or Fred Johnson for helping Miller hijack the Nauvoo?

Or we can look at it this way: Who’s angrier at Johnson, the UN for disobeying orders or the Mormons after having their life’s work stolen from them and sent sailing away into space without any hope of it ever being returned to Tycho Station? Also, who’s capable of inflicting the harsher consequences? Your opinion probably depends on whether or not you’re a Mormon.

3. On Eros, Miller discovered that the protomolecule had begun to vacate the bodies of the dead Belters… is humanity nothing more than a one-night stand for this alien life form?

What did the protomolecule gain by infecting, killing, and then dumping all those people on Eros? Data? Knowledge? Food?

4. What’s next for Holden and everyone else on the Rocinante?

Will they head back to Tycho, go to Earth, or something else? Tensions still seem to be running high and who knows what the UN might accuse them of/blame on them (regardless of the role the Roci played in saving the planet). Then again, they might not be welcome on Tycho either, depending on which course of action the Mormons take in their pursuit of justice for the stolen Nauvoo.

5. So, about that second batch of protomolecule?

Will it be where the Rocinante left it or will it, too, have developed a will and destination of its own?