From Venus To Ganymede: How Vast Is The Protomolecule’s Reach?

Well, we now know that crashing Eros into the scorching hot surface of Venus didn’t manage to kill off the protomolecule harbouring inside the asteroid. There are now at least three sites where we know protomolecule in on the loose—and doing who knows what. It’s on Venus, on Ganymede, and there’s that batch hidden deep in space in a spot only Naomi knows about.

All this protomolecule leads to a lot of questions about how it will factor into negotiations between Mars, Earth, and the Belt. Unless, of course, it just wipes out humanity entirely. Until then, we’ve got questions:

1. Will whatever’s alive in that crater on Venus resemble Miller and Julie Mao in any way?

Could some part of Miller have survived? When he found proto-Julie on Eros, there was definitely something of her human self that remained. But what happens when you take a proto-couple and smash them into the side of a fiery hot planet?

2. What kind of punishment will Bobbie be in for after her slip up in front of Avasarala and the UN committee?

Like, if a Marine gets shit for just stumbling/vomiting thanks to Earth’s harsh gravity, what’s the punishment for disobeying orders and letting slip a huge Martian secret?

3. Will Naomi ever tell anyone what she did with the Roci’s batch of protomolecule?

That big secret has to be weighing on her. What are her motives in saving the sample? What are her plans for it? At this point, more protomolecule seems like a bad idea, no exceptions.

4. How much danger are Holden and his crew in on Ganymede?

Let’s break this down: we’ve got hijackers (the dead ones have to have another dozen friends or so backing them up), Strickland and whatever nefarious nonsense he may or may not be up to, and the protomolecule/protodude. So we’re going to say lots of danger. Lots and lots.

5. What is Chrisjen Avasarala’s next move?

She seems to have put Errinwright in his place by dropping not-so-subtle hints that she’s on to whatever dealings he had with Jules Pierre Mao. Next on her to-do list seems to be figuring out what really happened on Ganymede and what’s going on with the protomolecule in general. How is this going to impact Earth relations with Mars?