Expanse Recap: C’mon Belters, Light This Pyre

Thanks to the absent Anderson Dawes, Belter unrest on Tycho has gone from manageable to not-so-manageable overnight, culminating in an attempted coup to remove Fred Johnson from his OPA leadership position (and send the hijacked batch of UN missiles home to Earth and we don’t mean in a shipping container).

Thanks to Naomi’s paranoia and Alex and Amos’ quick thinking, Fred is alive and Earth hasn’t been left with an extra Grand Canyon or thirty. But that doesn’t mean that the Roci crew and Johnson are back on good terms.

But Holden, Naomi, Amos, and Alex’s interpersonal problems will follow them when they leave Tycho. Naomi is still harbouring her secret about the very un-destroyed batch of protomolecule. Alex is fighting with Amos and still hasn’t reached out to his family on Mars. And Amos may or may not had his brain’s empathy centre removed in a back alley lobotomy clinic. So there’s that.

Then there’s the fact that they’re leaving the station and setting a course for Ganymede—that proto-hot spot where their kidnapped scientist found the molecule and the site of the recent disaster that has sent thousands of refugees to Tycho (the ones that don’t get spaced, anyway). Leave it to the Roci crew to head towards whatever calamity everyone else is running away from.

It’s all made even more complicated now that the crew has welcomed a new member aboard—a botanist refugee called Prax who was sure his daughter had died on Jupiter’s moon until he saw footage of her pediatrician, a very suspect Dr. Strickland, leading her away from the flattened clinic… before it was flattened. Is there some kind of child experimentation program going on? Prax is going back to Ganymede to see if he can find her.

With Martian ships guarding the moon and it’s decimated station, it’s hard to saw what the Roci will find there when it arrives—or if the crew will even be allowed past the blockade. Will they have to face the protomolecule in its latest incarnation? The answer is probably yes. One thing’s certain though, the Roci isn’t welcome back on Tycho… Johnson made that very clear.