What’s The Protomolecule Up To On Ganymede? 5 Questions About This Week’s Expanse

The fallout from the disaster on the agricultural station on Ganymede has had some seriously far-reaching effects in places like Tycho Station (where Belter refugees are arriving en masse) and on Earth (where Earth refugees are mysteriously failing to show up—because, spaced). What/who is at the root of this tragedy and is there anyone left on Ganymede? Like, anyone not made of protomolecule? This week’s episode left us with even more questions than usual.

1. Who’s this Dr. Strickland guy and what is he up to on Ganymede?

Holden and Naomi figured out that not only is Strickland not just your run of the mill space pediatrician, he also didn’t die when the mirror crashed into his Sector 4 clinic on Ganymede. Why? Because he knew that the disaster was about to take place. How? That’s what we’d like to know.

2. Who is Lydia Maalouf?

And at the risk of repeating ourselves, what the HELL is going on with Amos? He stumbled into this week’s episode looking like he’d been on a six-day bender—or like he’d had a chunk of his brain removed. So which is it? Space drugs or that empathy lobotomy he was inquiring about? His strange interactions with Alex left us unsure… Like, did he let the Roci’s pilot live for logical, practical reasons only?

3. Speaking of the Roci crew’s personal lives, what dark secrets from the past are Alex and Naomi keeping under wraps?

Did anyone else pick up on Naomi’s too-quick ‘No!’ when Prax asked her if she had kids? What was up with that? As far as Alex goes, we KNOW he has one… so why doesn’t he get in touch with his Martian family?

4. What does the protomolecule’s evolution on Ganymede look like?

Our best guess is that it looks like the seventh man Bobbie Draper saw the UN soldiers firing on. So, has it adopted a humanoid form? Can it communicate verbally with humans? And why were the soldiers engaging it in battle—what event precipitated that fight?

5. Has Fred Johnson completely lost his grip on the OPA leadership?

That attempted coup wasn’t exactly a show of support. Is it just a matter of time before the only guy standing between Earth and their own hijacked batch of nuclear missiles is out and Dawes is in?