Things We’d Want To See From An Ewan McGregor Star Wars Spin-Off



Ever since Lucasfilm announced plans for a series of Star Wars spin-off films, Ewan McGregor’s been loudly proclaiming how much he wants his character Obi-Wan Kenobi to get his own movie—first when MTV News asked him about it in 2013, then this past winter, and most recently in June at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

Of course, currently there aren’t any plans for McGregor to be in a new movie, and he’s still “waiting on the call” while films about Han Solo get greenlit instead. But there’s a LOT of potential for a Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, and here’s what we’d want to see the most:

It wouldn’t necessarily need to be all about Obi-Wan.


If this year in movies taught us anything, it’s that you can shoot an entire film in the desert with a main protagonist who’s only barely involved in the plot and it can be a masterpiece. Yes, looking at you, Mad Max: Fury Road. Just because Obi-Wan’s currently a hermit doesn’t mean he can’t get caught up in someone else’s business for a standalone film.

We’d also get to explore a new side of the Universe.


Tatooine’s one of the most iconic AND most treacherous planets in all of Star Wars, and it would be fascinating to spend some more time there—not just among the smugglers and thieves, but among the normal blue-collar workers and moisture farmers who live there. Admit it, you’ve always been curious about how moisture farming even works.

Speaking of which, we really want to figure out what Owen Lars is all about.


One of the biggest frustrations for any Star Wars fan is trying to reconcile the stuff Obi-Wan says to Luke in A New Hope with—well, the entirety of the prequels. Especially odd is Owen’s bitterness towards Kenobi. Sure, Owen clearly wants to shield Luke from his father’s fate, but there’s got to be more to the story than that. And we know Joel Edgerton, who played Owen in the prequels, is more than willing to come back, too!

Plus, force ghosts, anyone?


In The Clone Wars, we also saw Kenobi interact with the spirit of his former mentor, Qui-Gon Jinn. Given how little we got to see Liam Neeson in the original prequel trilogy and how willing he was to come back for The Clone Wars, we bet he’d be more than happy to come on for another movie as well.

And Angst, angst everywhere.


The Obi-Wan we meet in A New Hope is VERY different than the one we leave in Revenge Of The Sith, and during that time he had to overcome a lot of trauma—having to mutilate his former mentee and friend Anakin, being the last of a fallen line of Jedi, totally failing everyone in his life. Don’t you kind of want to see him actually grapple with those emotions for yourself?

Obi-Wan should totally get to feel the love, too.


True, Jedi aren’t supposed to seek out deep romantic attachments with others and devote themselves entirely to the Force, but c’mooooon. Of course even Obi-Wan was bound to fall for somebody eventually—and as The Clone Wars tells us, he totally did, with a woman named Satine Kryze. She later died tragically, but that doesn’t mean Obi-Wan can’t find a new lover on Tatooine, even if it ends badly once again. Besides, it’s Ewan McGregor. We all want to see him kiss somebody.

Basically, we want more of what the comics have been dishing out.


Star Wars #7, the latest issue of the Marvel Comics tie-in series, depicts Luke coming across Kenobi’s old journals from his time watching over the young Skywalker on Tatooine—and Obi-Wan is a REAL badass in it. We’re excited to see the comics develop, but seeing the former Jedi Master achieving his potential as a complicated, interesting character makes us want a full-length movie so much more.