Emma Watson Hung Out With Her Harry Potter Sister-In-Law

Crack open a case of butterbeer because there was a mini Harry Potter family reunion Wednesday (April 26) at the Tribeca Film Festival.

During the premiere of Emma Watson’s (Hermione Granger) new technology-is-the-devil movie, The Circle, the former Hogwarts student ran into a familiar face—and thankfully, no Polyjuice Potion was involved. Watson reunited with Bonnie Wright, who played her friend and future sister-in-law, Ginny Weasley, in the Harry Potter series.

Wright wasn’t just at the NYC festival to check out the exciting new projects—she has a new web series she is premiering. Phone Calls is an anthology series cocreated by Wright and Martin Cohn.

Besides the fan-captured snapshot above, Wright also took a pic of Watson presenting her new film, sharing it on her Instagram story. Accio, nostalgia!