Emily Coutts On The Star Trek: Discovery Musical That Never Was

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In the third instalment of CBS’ series of interviews that dig deep with the bridge crew of Star Trek: Discovery, we’re getting to know actor Emily Coutts, who plays Lieutenant Keyla Detmer (aka the one with the cool eye thing). Every day this week, the network is shining the spotlight on a lesser-known member of the ship’s crew. No points for guessing that they’re trying to get us excited about the show’s return on January 7—it’s a good strategy (and one that’s totally working).

Coutt’s character is tasked with the job of Discovery Conn Officer, and she’s probably the bridge crew member we’re most familiar with. Check out a photo of what she looks like off duty and out of makeup, followed by her one-on-one interview with CBS:

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Favourite Star Trek character of all time

Is it cheesy to say Michael Burnham? She’s amazing to watch and is so complicated, smart, and emotional.

Favourite Star Trek Series and Captain

The Next Generation [and] Jean-Luc Picard.

Favourite moment from the set

We dreamt up a Discovery musical one day on set of the Shenzhou. A few of our songs were “We’re Locked On” [and] “I Could Be Captain One Day” and we also had a sweet Kelpien ballad for Doug. When you’re in hour 16 you start to become delusional and that’s when the fun begins.


Which prop from Star Trek: Discovery does she wish she could keep?

A phaser! I could pull it out at every party and say ‘Look at my sweet phaser.’

How hard was it to keep her role a secret before the show was announced?

So hard! It was such an exciting job to be working on and every day I was spending hours and hours on this magical spaceship and then my people would ask ‘How was your week?’ and I would swallow and say ‘It was fine, I guess.. same old.’


For an extended version of Coutts’ Q&A, head to the CBS page here. And check back tomorrow when we’ll run a profile of Lieutenant Rhys (Patrick Kwok-Choon).