Dylan O’Brien’s Latest Movie Character Is Giving Us Shades Of Stiles Stilinski

Dylan O’Brien’s Teen Wolf alter ego sometimes panics during stressful situations—after all, Beacon Hills isn’t a quiet town. And it appears that the thespian’s latest film role shares the aforementioned trait with the one and only Stiles Stinlinski.

In a glimpse of Deepwater Horizon, which tells the true story of one of the world’s largest man-made disasters that occurred on the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, O’Brien’s character notices something is awry on the rig. Before long, anxiety immediately sets in, and the tension is palpable.

We’ve seen that look before—and it’s almost like a post-Nogitsune riddle freak-out is just around the bend…

Catch the entire sneak peek from Deepwater Horizon before its release on September 30—and be sure to watch Teen Wolf, premiering on November 11 at 9pm ET. And to hold you over before reuniting with Scott McCall’s pack, peep the trailer below to get a taste of what’s to come!