Dunkirk Took Inspiration From Fury Road And Dark Knight Rises

Warner Bros.

Since making the transition from the dramatic crime filmmaking of Following, Memento, and Insomnia to the more imaginary world of 2005’s Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan has consistently explored fantastical events onscreen. With Dunkirk, he returns to an entirely realistic sensibility—dramatizing a historical event for the first time—but this film has a very direct relationship to his superhero years. “You find things in a film that you want to keep expanding on,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “For example, at the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises, where Bane is introduced, we did a complicated aerial sequence. I wanted to build on that for this film.”

Of course, when turning to Hollywood blockbusters for inspiration, Nolan ventured further than his own films. He also cites two acclaimed Oscar winners from the studio (Warner Bros.) behind seven of his last eight movies. “I really wanted to be telling the story through images, first and foremost,” he said of Dunkirk. “For me, this film was always going to play like the third act of a bigger film. There have been films that have done this in recent years, like George Miller’s last Mad Max film, Fury Road, or Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, where you’re dealing with things as the characters deal with them.”

You’ll get a chance to deal with Dunkirk when it arrives in theatres on Friday. Check out the trailer below: