Doom Patrol’s Band Of Misfit Superheroes Is Coming to Space


Yes, it’s another superhero show—but it’s unlike any superhero show you’ve seen before.

Earlier today (March 12), Space announced that DC Entertainment’s Titans spin-off, Doom Patrol, will have a two-episode premiere on April 2 at 9e 6p. Based on a popular DC Comics’ superhero team, Doom Patrol follows a group of unlikely heroes who come together after each member experiences a tragic accident despite having basically nothing else in common—think Legends of Tomorrow minus the whole people turning into cats thing.

Those heroes include Robotman (The Affair‘s Brendan Fraser), Negative Man (American Horror Story‘s Matt Bomer) Elasti-Woman (Drop Dead Diva‘s April Bowlby) Crazy Jane (Orange is the New Black‘s Diane Guerrero) and their de faco leader, The Chief (former James Bond Timothy Dalton). After The Chief disappears, fellow misfit slash hero Cyborg (Joivan Wade, The First Purge) “calls the Doom Patrol into action.” Alan Tudyk also starts as enigmatic villain Mr. Nobody.

In addition to and Space GO, episodes will be available to stream on Crave every Friday, starting April 5. Watch the Doom Patrol series trailer below, and be sure to tune in to Space on April 2.