5 Things You Need To Know Before The Arrival Of Doom Patrol


For fans who can’t possibly get enough comic book content to satisfy their super-sized superhero cravings, this is excellent news: Doom Patrol, a series centred on a squad that’s “part support group, part superhero team,” is debuting on April 2 for a 15-episode run. Here’s all the crucial info you need to help you prepare for the fast-approaching series premiere.

What Is It?


Doom Patrol is a new series spun off of the DC universe show Titans, which premiered back in the fall of 2018. Titans revolved around a crew of young superheroes on a mission to (what else) foil a plot that could destroy our entire planet (though, unfortunately, it wasn’t global warming that they conquered). Doom Patrol picks up where the events of Titans left off, with a few of the show’s actors returning to their original roles.

Who’s Behind It?


The series is developed by Jeremy Carver (Supernatural, Being Human) and based on the comic series of the same name, co-created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani. Canadian director Glen Winter, known for his work on Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, helms the first episode.

Who’s In It?


Brendan Fraser returns to his role as Robotman (aka Cliff Steele), Matt Bomer is back as Negative Man (aka Larry Trainor), and April Bowlby is Elasti-Woman once again (aka Rita Farr). The Titans alums are joined by Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane. They’re the Doom Patrol, under the direction of mad scientist-type Niles Caulder aka The Chief (played by the legendary Timothy Dalton). In the bad guy role is Alan Tudyk as a “living shadow able to drain the sanity of others.” Um, yikes?

Why Watch It?


Three words: NASCAR, Nazis, and cyborgs. The show’s official synopsis reveals that “each member of the Doom Patrol suffered a horrible accident that gave them superhuman abilities, but also left them scarred and disfigured. Traumatized and downtrodden, the team found their purpose through The Chief, coming together to investigate the weirdest phenomena in existence.” It would follow, then, that when The Chief disappears, things fall apart (which is always fun to watch). Jovian Wade as Cyborg delivers some much-needed motivation to get the gang back on track (or else).

When Does It Debut?

Doom Patrol premieres (with two episodes!) April 2 9e 6p. Check out the promo below.